Work in Progress (wip) of the Twiggy-wiggly-kins * w* 

I’m supposed to be working on a commission and here I am drawing the Twiggs fff I need to stop, but hes so fun to draw ahhhh, this is really early in the process so shit is everywhere lol its probably going to look completely different once finished though, im going to experiment alottt xD

What I’ve been doing so far is drawing everything first, color underneath the lines layer then once the base colors are in then i color over the drawing all on one layer. The black makes shading the crevasses work while keeping the form in place c:


An old piece of work that I actually thought I had uploaded ahaha. One of my works that I’m most proud of, even if it is unfinished. When I had a house full of kittens they walked all over this after stepping in coffee that they had spilled over. So it stays unfinished with kitten paws all over it heh.


A work in progress~ Naked Man Dragon o wo

Drawing this while listening to twilight princess and skyward sword soundtrack aww yiis perf music.


My Turtledove My Sweet 

(A commission for a lovely lady)

I’m extremely proud of this piece, I worked long and hard on it and I feel like it is the piece that finally reflects my improvement on traditional and how i’m able to transfer that experience to my digital works again. I hope that this is the beginning and only a peak at great work to come. I feel like it is.

Time: 3 Days


"Flowers For You"

Young Jeordie White (Twiggy Ramirez) Inspired by Jeordie’s/Goon Moon’s Video: Girl, I cried when this was finished, I’m so proud of it, it come out so beautiful. Twiggy is just so precious as a young boy. I wanted to draw this scene for a long time now and I’m so glad I finally did. It came out just how I hoped it would. Perfect.